How it began

img_1646We lived in WA for a few years and I think, just like everyone who lives up there for a little while, we fell in love with the mountains, forests, and easy year round access to nature….Let me start over.

We are both from GA and while there is some great activities it pales in comparison to the PNW. We moved to SC for a bit, and then we moved upstate NY where we fell in love, with what we thought to be amazing skiing locations and mountains. The biggest mountain I had seen was Stone Mountain in ATL and only skied down icy hill in North GA. Stone Mountain, while putting on the best 4th of July show you will see, just cannot compete with the Cascades or MT Saint Helens but just a few hours drive from where we lived in WA.

From NY we drove across the northern States to WA. As I mentioned earlier we loved it!  We took 30 days and saw everything from, Wall Drug (if you have been there you understand, but you just kinda have to go no real choice in the matter), Crazy HorseMount RushmoreBadlands, Chicago (great wings but terrible traffic), stayed in Missoula for some great craft beer, and finally made it through the desert of East WA to Seattle.

The weather was not at all as I imagined. Our friends told us it was dark and always overcast. Yes albeit in the winter, I am unable to conjure a single day to my recollection that we were unable to venture from our house due to weather. Regardless of the atmospheric conditions there was always something to do outside. We soon became spoiled and we did not even know it and so began our true love with the outdoors…